“If at first you don't succeed, at least try to get better at whining very loudly.”
In 2012, I wrote a future history of Edelman set in 2034. A look back at this essay, ten years on.
A hopeful farewell to the mediocrity of the "new normal."
Reads, Recipes, and Relaxation
Want to be inclusive? Then let's keep "creative" as an adjective, please?
"'Sir?' I work for a living, soldier!"
When entertainment-plus-crypto hits the so-called “real world," a Kafka novel ensues.
You've got time. I've got the reads.
A reflection on values learned in a life lived loudly.
Three cities. Two months. One metaphor.
Hopefully writing about this purges the obsession.
A favorite of the Web 2.0 era deserves another look.