The former NY Post media columnist talks about his Crain's New York piece on 5WPR's sneaky trade media move.
Beware the Bear Market That Actually Matters
In 2012, I wrote a future history of Edelman set in 2034. A look back at this essay, ten years on.
We thought it was going to be a MMANGA executive or Elon Musk. We were wrong. We never saw it coming. And we will pay the price for decades to come.
“If at first you don't succeed, at least try to get better at whining very loudly.”
Decentralization and its misconceptions.
Marketing monomania as signal of strategy failure
Want to be inclusive? Then let's keep "creative" as an adjective, please?
Like the "Real Time Marketing" craze in 2013, there is no card yet imagined that the marketing services industry will not overplay.
Reads, Recipes, and Relaxation
When entertainment-plus-crypto hits the so-called “real world," a Kafka novel ensues.
Also, our first Mad Attic Mailbag